George Qua-Enoo

Founder & Photographer

George Qua-Enoo, an experienced photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa, has mastered the art of capturing captivating photographs that reflect the rich tapestry of human experiences. Each photograph he creates opens a window into a unique individual narrative, interwoven with the larger fabric of society.

With his professional journey starting in 2008, George's self-taught background is steeped in a familial legacy of photography, with his father and great uncle being accomplished photographers themselves. His portfolio boasts a diverse range of clients, including internationally recognized names such as Arcelormittal Canada, KFC, Jack Daniel's, Nike, Under Armour, Showmax, the National Bank of Canada, Zeiss, other big name brands from around the globe including publications such as GQ Magazine (US), Men's Health (US), Women's Health (US), Cosmopolitan (US), VOGUE (India), etc.

George's skill and dedication have earned him recognition on a global scale. His work has graced prestigious exhibitions like the Scotia Bank's Contact Photography Festival in Toronto, Canada, as well as the esteemed Art Gallery of Hamilton in Canada. His passion for sharing knowledge has led him to teach photography courses in renowned art schools, and he has conducted enlightening photography workshops for Camera Clubs in and around Toronto.

Notably, George Qua-Enoo's artistic brilliance was highlighted in 2010 when Photo Life Magazine, a respected voice in photography in Cananda, included him in their list of the top 30 emerging photographers to watch in Canada. This recognition stands as a testament to his unique ability to capture the essence of the human spirit within each photograph he takes.

Through his lens, George Qua-Enoo continues to craft visual stories that transcend cultural boundaries and resonate with audiences from all walks of life. His photographs reveal the multifaceted nature of humanity and offer a glimpse into the diverse narratives that collectively shape our world.